Professor Menelaos Karanasos

I completed my PhD in 1997. I joined Keele University as a Lecturer in Financial Economics in September 1996. From 1997 - 2004 I was a Lecturer in Financial Economics at the University of York. I was appointed Professor of Financial Economics at Newcastle University in September 2004. I moved to Brunel in September 2005. Qualifications: PhD Financial Economics (University of London) MSc Economics (University of London) BSc Economics (Athens University of Economics and Business)

My Work, Life & Interests

Research I

My research has produced substantial outcomes in both theoretical foundations and practical applications.



I highlight the word: substantial!


Developing effective techniques and methodologies for analyzing and estimating stochastic time series models is one of the main objective of my research. I am active in various domains related to this goal, including growth and financial development, and I strongly wish to continue doing research in the field of applied macroeconomics, empirical finance and time series econometrics. Although, as Niels Bohr (among others)