PhD Supervision

When a good quality thesis has been completed, it looks like a blooming flower:


(1) Jinki Kim (Current Position: Gangwon Development Research Institute MOU): 1999-2003; University of York;

“Some applications of non-linear time series models in financial data”.

(Joint published papers: Journal of Empirical Finance, Econometrics Journal, Economics Letters, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, Asia Pacific Financial Markets)

Back in the late 90’s I enjoyed the supervision of my first PhD student:


(2) Christian Conrad (Current Position: University of Heidelberg): 2002-2006; University of Mannheim (second supervisor);

“GARCH models with long memory and nonparametric specifications”    CConradThesis06.pdf

Previous Appointment: Post-Doc, ETH-Zürich

(Joint  published papers: Japan and the World Economy, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, Economics Letters(2), Journal of Empirical Finance, Econometric Theory, Journal of Time Series Analysis, Scottish Journal of Political Economy; Other papers: Journal of Money Credit and Banking, Journal of Financial Econometrics, Journal of Econometrics)

(3) Aris Kartsaklas (Current Position: Brunel University, London): 2004-2008; University of York;

“Long memory, structural breaks and the volatility-volume relationship”    AKartsaklasThesis08.pdf

Previous Appointment: Lecturer: Queen Mary University of London

(Joint published papers: Journal of Empirical Finance (2), Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, Journal of Financial Management)

(4) Ning Zeng (Current Position: Associate Professor, Macau University of Science and Technology): 2005-2009; Brunel University;

“The usefulness of econometric models with stochastic volatility and long memory: applications for macroeconomic and financial time series”    NZengThesis.pdf

Previous Appointment: College of Economics, Jinan University, China

(Joint published papers: Economics Letters (2), Journal of Empirical Finance)

(5) Bin Tan  [Current Position: Associate Professor, Southwest Jiaotong University] 2006-2010; Brunel University;

“Growth, financial development, market liquidity and risk”  BinTanThesis10.pdf

Previous Appointment: South Western University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE),Chen Du, China

(Joint published papers: Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Development Studies)

(6) Jihui Zhang: 2008-2013; Brunel University

(7) Stavroula Yfanti (Current Position:  Lecturer, Loughborough University, Business School), 2008-2014 (part time); Brunel University

“Non-linear time series models with applications to financial data”: YfantiThesis.pdf

Previous Appointments:  Lecturer, Lancaster University, Business School

National Bank of Greece , Research Division

(Joint published papers: Journal of Empirical Finance, International Review of Financial Analysis, Annals of Operations Research)

(8) Panagiotis Koutroumpis (Current Position: Visiting Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London) 2012-2015; Brunel University

“Research on Futures-Commodities, Macroeconomic volatility and Financial  Development”: KoutroumpisThesis.pdf

(Joint published papers: Geoforum, Journal of Empirical Finance, 2 chapters in books)

Here is Panagiotis during the first month of his PhD study:

(9) Zannis Margaronis: (Current Position: RZ Corporation Ltd, UK) 2011-2015 (part-time); Brunel University,

“The significance of mapping data sets when considering commodities time series and their use in algorithmically-traded portfolios”: MargaronisThesis.pdf

(Joint published papers: International Review of Financial Aanalysis, 1 chapter in book)

(10) Hayan Omran: (Current Position: Lecturer, Damascus University) 2010-2016; Brunel University,

“Examining the relationship between trading volume, market return volatility and U.S. aggregate mutual fund flow”

(11)    Maher Alliwa: (Current Position: Lecturer, Tishreen University, Syria), 2011-2016; Brunel University

(12)    Stavros Dafnos: (Current Position: Ministry of Education, Greece), 2011-2017 (part-time); Brunel University
Previous Appointment: Lecturer, University of Hertfordshire

(13) Souhaila Al Hesso: (Queen Mary University of London, Teaching Position) 2016-2020; Brunel University

I am currently supervise 2 PhD students:  

Jiaying Wu, 2019-present; Brunel University

Ekaterina Glebkina, 2019-present (part-time); Brunel University




The birth of a PhD thesis is very laborious and might take up to four years (or even more)



 Ph.D. Examination

(Details are available upon request)

Abril Rosen Escuivel (supervisor: N. Kellard and S. Price), University of Essex, 2020

Amer Al-Bkhetan (supervisor: B. Atkinson), University of Central Lancashire,2019

Trung Le (supervisor: R. Markellos), University of East Anglia, 2019

Marcus Cobb (supervisor: A. Carriero), Queen Mary, University of London, 2019

Hui Zhi (supervisor: K. Vergos), University of Portsmouth, 2018

Tixin Liao (superisors: J. Coakley and Neil Kellard), University of Essex, 2018

Piotr Zegadlo (supervisors: Z. Psaradakis and R.Versteeg), Birkbeck College, University of London, 2018

Huthaifa Alquaralleh (supervisor Alessandra Canepa), Brunel University London, (I), 2018

Spyridoula Tzima (supervisor Jan Fidrmuc), Brunel University London, (I), 2018

Christos Argyropoulos (supervisor Ekaterini Panopoulou), University of Kent, 2016

Xiaoyu Li (supervisor James Davidson), University of Exeter, 2016

Fawaz Khaled (supervisor Alessandra Canepa), Brunel University, Internal (I), 2016

Hasiando Manik (supervisor Kaushik Mitra), University of Birmingham, 2016

Thaana Ghalia (supervisor Jan Fidrmuc), Brunel University, (I), 2016

Jinu Lee (supervisor George Kapetanios), Queen Mary, University of London, 2015

Massimo Sbracia (supervisor Guglielmo Caporale), Brunel University, London,  (I), 2015:

Here is a photo of the four guys (the internal and external examiners, the chair and the student) during the viva:



David Allen (supervisors Steve Satchell and Colin Lizieri), University of Cambridge, 2015

Cheng Yang (supervisor Kate Phylaktis), CASS Business School, London, 2015

Handy Tanuwijaya (Neil Kellard), University of Essex, 2014

Sarah Mouabbi (supervisor Andrea Carriero), Queen Mary, University of London, 2014

Mohaimen Mansur (supervisor Andrea Carriero), Queen Mary, University of London, 2013

Agniezka Trzeciakiewicz (supervisor Aydin Ozkan), University of Hull, 2013

Min-Ho Nam (supervisor Kaushik Mitra), University of St Andrews, 2013

Yongden  Hu (supervisor Garry Phillips), Cardiff University, 2013

Michele Marzano (supervisor Jerry Coakley), University of Essex, 2012

Fotis Papailias (supervisor Richard Baillie), Queen Mary, University of London, 2012

Norzalina Ahmad (supervisor Neil Kellard), University of Essex, 2012

Ozge Kandemir  (supervisor Mustafa Caglayan), University of Sheffield, 2012

Singh Chadha (supervisor Stephen Satchell), Birkbeck College, University of London, 2011

Ahmad Saleh (supervisor Nauro Campos) Brunel University, London, (I), 2010

Emmanuil Noikokyris (supervisor Georgios Chortareas), University of Essex, UK, 2010

Zijian Yang (supervisor Sheri Markose), University of Essex, UK, 2010

Hyunchul  Lee (supervisor Jerry Coakley), University of Essex, UK, 2010

John Beirne (supervisor John Hunter), Brunel University, London (I) 2009

Christina Verra (supervisor George Kapetanios), Queen Mary, University of London, 2009

Jian Dollery (supervisor Jerry Coakley), University of Essex, UK, 2008

Silvia Lui (supervisor: George Kapetanios), Queen Mary, University of London, 2007

Muslimin Anwar (supervisor: Chris Martin), Brunel University, London (I), 2007

Vikentia Provizionatou (supervisor: Sheri Markoze), University of Essex, UK, 2007

Edmund Spungin (supervisor: Elias Tzavalis), Queen Mary, University of London, UK, 2007

Christian Conrad (supervisors: E. Mammen, M. Karanasos), University of Mannheim, 2006

Anders Erikson (supervisor Rolf Larsson), Uppsala University, Sweden, 2005

Soyeon Lee (supervisor: James Davidson), Cardiff University, UK, 2005

Benjamin Warner (supervisor: Professor Peter N. Smith), University of York, UK (I), 2003

Steve Lawford (supervisor: Professor Karim Abadir), University of York, UK (I), 2001

After examining all these theses it is natural to feel exhausted:



Me as 2015 comes to an end

Koala_sleeping all the day

Me celebrating the arrival of 2016 (and of the next viva)

I advise all the PhD students to:


But if you are a PhD student and you are overstressed then I would advise you to

Sleep (Koala style) while others are…